Under Armour Drive 4 Review

Under Armour Drive 4 Review and Buying Guide!

If we leave the name of the Clutch Fit out from the name of  Under Armour Drive 4 then this shoes certainly changes history. Now, is this change good or bad?Under-Armour-ClutchFit-Drive

The Clutch Fit Drive was the first ever shoe with which everything got started. The Under Armour made basketball shoes even before CFD i.e. the Spine series, Bloodline and the Black Ice etc.  In 2014, the Micro G cushioning shoe helped in making the clutch fit to drive to be on the top 3 shoes. So, we all know that the Clutch fit drive shoes have gone for quite a long time already. It is time for the sneakers of the 4th generation, but this time it is without the Clutch fit which is considered as past models. This is the reason that they haven’t featured Clutch fit in the name.

To be honest, most of the people nowadays wait eagerly for the upcoming models of the Under Armour shoes. This is because of the consistent performance the brand has been providing every time. One such model is the Under Armour drive 4. So, if you are here for the Under Armour Drive 4 review then you will get an honest one.

Features Of Under Armour Drive 4

The Under Armour Drive 4 is Micro Technology shoe which weighs around 377 gram in weight. It comes in more than four colours. Here are some features of this product:

  • Materials

The material used in this product is quite cheaper but it gives the same good performance as the other models. The Under Armour drive 4 is not featuring the Clutch fit Upper which is quite surprising. This is because of the perfect performances of the product in the past. Now the product is using good budget materials combo like the neoprene and textile mesh. What can anyone else say about this, though it looks like a cheaper material it feels really good. The soft mesh materials cover the external foot areas and the toe. And in the inner part of the forefoot and the ankle collar are made of Neoprene. In addition to this, it has created a huge fuss for its durability. The Neoprene helps in moving your feet freely and enjoying the transition.under-armor-clutch-fit-drive

  • Cushion

This definitely sounds exciting. The Micro G has made its comeback again but this time with a better ass layer. The ass layer of the Micro G was very hard to feel on the Under Armour Clutch Fit Drive 3. Now the whole area of the heel part is featured by Micro G, which means that it is going to be a treat for all the big players.

Though most of us have been waiting for the comeback of the full-length Micro G, it isn’t happening soon. But we can understand that Under Armour is trying to make a perfectly balanced set up that can be accommodated for any kind of player. And they did it very well.

The heel part of the product is very nice and has an impact protection to have enjoyable landings for the players. It protects their ankle from injuries and has a little bit of bounciness. The players will not feel like Boost or a full zoom air but it is quite solid and anyone will enjoy that.  The forefoot is made of Phylon and has a completely different role. It is made for guarding and is designed especially for the explosive players. The product is very responsive and is low to the ground midsole and doesn’t lag the player in striking the first step.

  • Traction

The Under Armour has done a phenomenal job by using the Herringbone traction pattern as much as they could. It is the best idea that anyone could use in this product. I must say that Nike should consult them for improvement. You don’t have the urge to reinvent the product, again and again, all you have to do is keep it simple.

And guess what? The traction came out to do its best. Sometimes the conditions of the court also interrupt the player’s performance. But with the Under Armour Drive 4, no matter what the condition of the court is, it keeps the player steady. The outer sole of the product comes up very well with the dust. So, you don’t have to wipe then now and then. In addition to this, the product is the best option for the outdoor players as the grooves are firm and deep enough to last long.

  • Fit

This has made everyone a huge fan of the product. The Under Armour Drive 4 has two layered bootie construction. The soft materials in the product create a snug one-to-one fit after a short break of time. There is a toe wrap that helps in improving the flexibility of the forefoot. This makes the snugger fit as the lacing system of the shoe is connected. As mentioned earlier the ankle collar of the shoe feels really comfortable. You won’t feel any kind of jamming or pinching.

Now as long as the actual fit goes, I would recommend that one should go with the true size. No matter what type of foot the player has, going with the right size will fit them perfectly.

  • Support

The support of the product is the second best quality it possesses. It shines perfectly in this department. The product is simple but has a very well performing set up. The external part of the shoe has a plastic counter. This helps your ankle to get locked immediately after you have put them on and remains the same throughout the game. The higher midsole helps to prevent the rolling of the footbed when the players do any sudden or quick move or even stops. At last, there is a pretty wide and flat base and the forefoot outrigger that adds stability more stability to the stable base.


  • The shoe is perfect for those players who have a wide or flat foot.
  • The product fits perfectly for all types of the foot even if the size of the foot is normal
  • Long lasting and the performance remains the same throughout the game
  • The product is lightweight, breathable and provides upper-level comfort


  • Sometimes even the exact sizes are too small to wear
  • The product is better for outdoor use than indoor

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Under Armour has lived up to its expectation once again. If you are still not aware of its comfort and performance then try it now. Thought the whole series of the Clutch Fit Drive products are awesome but the Under Armor Rive 4 is like an icing on the cake. They really pulled this out very well.

The product has everything a perfect basketball shoe needs. Killer tractions which help in lasting outdoors, beastly support which helps the players to lock down wherever they want to.  The well-balanced set up of the cushion is made for any type of player or the playing style. A super lightweight construction and definitely a simple but a perfect upper for softness and comfort.

The best part of the product is the price. It costs only $115 which is definitely loot. However, if the price still seems high for you to spend on basketball sneakers then you can wait for offers.

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