Top 20 Expert Tips for Ankle Support Basketball

Top 20 Expert Tips for Ankle Support Basketball!

Did you ever sprain your ankle while playing basketball?

Does the thought of hurting yourself again stop you from playing your favorite game?

Well, any form of sports always exposes us to the possibilities of hurting our ankles. While some injuries might heal up too quickly, certain others might ultimately lead you not to play the game for several weeks and months.

To take care of all these situations and to effectively safeguard against ankle injuries that may occur during playing such outdoor games, proper ankle support for basketball is essential. You can limit the chances of hurting your ankle by wearing reliable ankle support accessories.

Almost 40% of the basketball injuries are only due to the severe ankle sprains. That is why for games especially like basketball, there are various ankle support provisions that are available today.

Here are the top 20 vital tips by the experts that can help you enjoy your game safely:basketball-ankle-support

  1. Don’t forget to warm up your ankles before you startWarming up before starting any game is just to loosen your body’s tight tissues. Since they tend to strain more when compared to relaxed and loosened joint tissues. Just a few minutes warming up can make a lot of difference between an extreme injury or a hurt-free game.
  2. Strengthen your lower leg musclesIn order to reduce the injuries to your ankles, it is a must that you strengthen the muscles of your lower part of legs. It includes stretching your ankles too. Making the muscles strong, may provide you the best support to the weaker joints of your leg. And it will have the tendency to withstand any impact or sudden movements.
  3. Hold tight your ankles by bracing upYou should protect your ankle before you step into the basketball court. You may use bandages, ankle supports or braces and dedicated athletic tapes too, which may reduce the risk of all kinds of injuries in your lower legs. These ankle support basketball accessories provide the required protection to bear up all sudden movements in the high-intensified game of basketball.
  4. Try Rapid Lateral MovementsBasketball involves lots of tough turns and lateral movements. They can give unconditional strains to untrained joints. So it is vital that you make your body used to few of the sport-specific exercises that literally focuses on lateral movements.
  5. Get the Compression type Sleeves/Ankle bracesFor the games like basketball, you may choose ankle braces from the compression sleeves categories. They work best with such games and give you the indispensable protection that you are likely to have during the play. These sleeves come in different sizes and with different healing properties too.
  6. Get the exact ankle brace for your requirementThere are numerous reasons for which the athletes wear the ankle braces. Some wear for the purpose of recovering from any past injuries, some for attaining extra stability and some for gaining confidence too. There are sportspersons wearing such ankle braces for preventing themselves from both low and high ankle sprains. So it necessary to select an appropriate ankle support for your specified requirement as to play basketball.
  7. Search for the perfect match and perfect fit You can find numerous ankle braces that can also be tailor-made for your sole requirement and for the perfect fit of your leg size. As they are available for different needs and in different sizes, you can make your own according to the needs. For this, you can receive help from any sports professionals.
  8. Check for the durability of the fabricDo not buy the cheapest of the qualities which can easily wear-off just after sometimes. You should make sure that the quality of the fabric offers enough support for your ankles even when you use the braces for a number of times. The fabric should not lose elasticity soon since it is the reason that it fails to demand the required protection.
  9. Don’t select the next sizeIn order to match the size of your lower legs or ankles, you should choose your ankle braces in a suitably competent size. If you feel that your new ankle braces are fitting tight in the beginning, then no need to select for the next size. It may then over loose at times and may not offer you the comfort that you really expect from a stipulated ankle brace.
  10. Don’t frequent the use of the same ankle braces all timesWhen you have a sudden ankle injury, and you are prescribed to wear a stipulated ankle brace, then do not ever try to select the same one, which you bought once for another purpose. Get a proper prescription and suggestion from your doctor, and try wearing a new pair of ankle braces for your new requirement.
  11. Select the athletic socks that reduce frictionAs there are numerous variants in ankle braces, you must be aware of selecting for the socks even. The athletic socks are capable of reducing friction while you wear the ankle braces in rugged games like basketball.
  12. Make sure you loosely put on the bracesWhen you just push your ankle braces to hold your ankles tight, they may cause you unnecessary traction. This ultimately leads to discomfort during play and also may affect your ankles for extra strain even after the game.
  13. Follow proper method to lace it upLace up your ankle braces that purposely come together within a gap of only two centimeters. If you find that your seams overlap, the ankle braces might be too long for you giving you another discomfort. And if it is laced up less than 2cm, you may feel it too small even.
  14. Check for the heel after you finish wearing the braces The heel part of your ankle is the crucial one from which you can judge for the perfect size of your ankle braces. You should make sure that the heel does not rub against the ankle braces.
  15. Do not forget to check the Stirrups tooAfter you lace up and finish checking for your comfort, it is necessary to do the stirrups. Pull the laces out of their way and check for a snug fit by pulling the straps firmly.
  16. Tallk to your doctor- It is best advised to hear from your doctor before you go for buying any branded ankle braces. Since the safety of your ankles is something that cannot be compromised by wearing any kind of ankle support basketball.
  17. Don’t judge based on costIt is not that low-cost braces are of poor quality and high cost may always yield you the best quality. Go for intense research on various brands and manufacturers, before you opt to buy one.
  18. Can also opt for big thick leather braces- These hard and thick leather braces are difficult for soccer players, but get in the way for the basketball or football players. So if you are comfortable with the bigger ones, you can readily opt for the one.
  19. Wear your braces in practices only if necessaryWhile it is fair to put your ankle braces during the games but make sure whether it is necessary during the practices’ sessions too. Do not get the habit of wearing ankle braces at all times when you find no pain.
  20. Wear ankle support shoes – Last but certainly not the least, wear ankle support shoes which are specially designed for basketball players. These shoes come with the latest technology that can effectively protect your ankles and provide the right level of cushioning so that you don’t hurt your feet easily while jumping or running during a game.

Following these quick 20 tips from experts will surely help you enjoy a safe and thrilling game of basketball with your friends. If you are unsure of any particular step you can always check out various video tutorials that are available online. If necessary, do not hesitate to check with your doctor too.

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