Nike Kyrie 3 Review and Buying Guide

Nike Kyrie 3 Review and Buying Guide!

Which shoes are better for playing basketball?

Which are the ones that can offer proper cushioning to your ankle to prevent sprains and hurts, while playing?

If you play basketball regularly, then these are certainly among the most frequently asked questions that spring up in your mind.

Most basketball players like to go for either the low-top or the high-top basketball shoes that are available in the market today.

Why use basketball shoes with ankle support?

Scientists cannot conclude which one is better – low-top or high-top shoes. While playing basketball players suffer from ankle injuries including fractures and sprains. High-top basketball shoes protect you from risky ankle injuries.

Before moving on to the Nike Kyrie 3 review, let us take a look at the advantages that these kinds of shoes have to offer:

  • Low Tops:

Low-top modern basketball shoes look slim and sleek compared to olden high-top shoes for schools. These provide you with high speed for moving rapidly in the basketball court. This is because low-top shoes are 20% lighter than high-top shoes. Players like you do not get tired in low-top shoes so you can continue playing more efficiently. Low-top shoes enable you to change positions very quickly. This low-top pair allows you to play as a point guard and/or defender. Yet, low-top shoes do not protect you from rolling over on your ankle. The cushion or padding provided is not enough. Basketball players are prone to more ankle injuries.

  • High Tops:

Modern high-top shoes are heavier and more stable than low-top basketball shoes. These shoes offer you better ankle support. You tie your shoelace from a very high position to keep your feet locked down. While you transit rapidly from one position to another, you are protected from injury. High-top shoes enable you to suddenly stop. High-top shoes have more cushioning than low-top shoes.

Nike Kyrie 3 Review:

NIKE Kyrie 3 is best for basketball shoes for any guard or defender in court. The upper surface of the high-top shoes has durable, flexible, mesh texture providing several benefits. Your feet can breathe while they are kept positioned down. The best part of this high-top pair of basketball shoes is its attractive traction. This feature helps in gripping with the basketball court. You do not slip or slide and injure yourself while playing any game. Also, you can use this pair for playing outdoors. The forefoot enables you to quickly change your position or direction without injuring your feet. According to professional basketball players, NIKE Kyrie 3 provides unbeatable mobility including responsiveness.

The shoes are made of synthetic and textile material. These have a rubber sole with Herringbone sole pattern. The NIKE zoom is present in the forefoot. The brand signature is added on the shoes’ inside tongue. The Kyrie 3 basketball shoe has advanced traction, supportive zone, and light cushioning. Thus, this item is made durable and comfortable.

Several reviewers have reported the Nike Kyrie Irving’s third signature basketball high-top shoes. Most reviewers have praised the item due to its good price, elegant looks and best traction. However, everyone has complained about the missing cushion. This pair of shoes is the best choice for those players who guard the basketball court. They do not care about the over impact protection. Since the upper and outsole are created with durable material, the shoe is hardy for outdoors.

Special features of NIKE Kyrie 3:

NIKE has tailor-made Kyrie 3, third signature shoes for Kyrie Andrew Irving, the American professional basketball player. Irving plays for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association. Here are the special features provided with NIKE Kyrie 3 basketball shoes.

  • Mesh texture on the top surface.
  • Traction pods provide better gripping.
  • Forefoot pods enhance rapid changes in movements.
  • Outsole curvature keeps feet locked down.
  • Roman numerals (VIII and XIII) that are tattooed on Irving’s left and right wrists. This is because his late mother was born on August 13. These Roman numerals are added on the shoes.
  • After purchase, you receive an official KYRIE 3 box.
  • Inside shoe’s tongue, Irving’s mottos – JBY (Just Be You) and H+H (Hungry and Humble) are inscribed.
  • You find the names of Azurie, his daughter, and Elizabeth, his late mother, in the unit of Zoom Air at the heel of shoes.
  • You need comfortable and supportive shoes.
  • This model NIKE KYRIE 3 was made for Kyrie Irving personal use. He plays with high speed and flexibility as a guard/defender constantly changing position.

Advantages of Kyrie 3:

  • Traction:

The traction was already provided in NIKE Kyrie 2 but, the traction of the latest Nike Kyrie 3 is even better. NIKE Kyrie 3 shoes are textured with close herringbone from the heel to the toes. The forefoot has heat-mapped pods helps Kyrie, the guard/defender requiring to suddenly change direction or position. The X of forefoot may not be supportive in gripping as you wanted. Yet, this helps when you change your position and direction at very high speed.

  • Cushion:

It is very easy to add cushioning to basketball shoes. You would find best cushioning in Kyrie 1. Following, Kyrie 2 had introduced heel cushioning. However, NIKE Kyrie 3 has even lesser cushioning than Kyrie 2. With less cushioning, you are subjected to more shocking impacts to your body while playing. If you play in low to the ground, then you can purchase this pair of basketball shoes. If you require more responsive cushioned shoes, then you should look elsewhere.

  • Materials:

NIKE Kyrie 3 is made of latest, best and improved materials using best manufacturing methods. Hence, this pair of high-top basketball shoes is outstanding. The basketball shoe has totally mesh texture. It is padded with foam and has forefoot pods. You can clearly notice the Flywire reinforcement that is combined with areas of high wear. You can see the overlay of Kurim protecting against abrasions. NIKE Kyrie 3 uses minimum materials but, gives maximum positive features.

  • Fit:

If you have narrow or regular sized feet, then your feet would fit comfortably. If your feet are wider than normal then, purchase a half size bigger. It is better to try out your first pair in a regular store. Players using ankle braces should wear the same while buying your new NIKE Kyrie 3 pair. Your feet would fit perfectly from heel to forefoot leaving no dead space. Thus, you get the best lockdown fit in this pair.

  • Support:

NIKE has provided an internal shaft for supporting your torsion for the internal heel in Kyrie 3. The rounded outsole keeps your feet locked down in place and you can safely change positions. NIKE Kyrie 3 does not have much cushioning. Moreover, it has a very hard toe-cap.


  • Great feeling shoes comfortable to wear on the basketball court.
  • The awesome traction that keeps your feet down in position.
  • Shoes provide a responsive cushion
  • Solid support
  • Suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Suitable for basketball guards.


  • Quite stiff near the toes end
  • The cushion is not very sufficient for impact protection.
  • Restrictive upper surface.

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Now, to finally wrap up this Nike Kyrie 3 review, a pair of basketball shoes is made for all special professional players. This pair can be used by players requiring minimal cushioning. Big men might not like the shoes due to the lack of responsive cushioning. On the whole, the NIKE Kyrie 3 is a good pair of basketball shoes. However, it can be further improved for a better model in the future.

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